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About me

Hello, I'm Vicky

it's great to see you checking out My Happy Balance

Who am I?...

The Founder of My Happy Balance (MHB), Strength & Fitness trainer and Nutrition Coach, specialising in women's health, wellness and performance.

My home is in Manchester, UK where I work face to face with clients and with the beauty of being online, I can work with you anywhere in the world!​

My Happy Balance came from my passion for nutrition, wanting to understanding more about how the body works and a lightbulb moment of how important nutrition and strength training are for women's health, especially as we encounter some of the more challenging phases our bodies could face such as pre and postnatal and the move into perimenopause and post menopause.

Why MHB?...

The more I researched women’s health, the more I realised the importance of us knowing more about our body and hormones. We are different to men and we are different from one another. Our body, environment, activity and nutrition all contribute to our health, happiness and weight management. It’s therefore important that we find out more about ourselves to help take back control, feel energized, healthy and happy……and that’s what My Happy Balance aims to do. 

In my mid to late 30s I had my own struggles with just not feeling right, my energy and mood were low. I drank a lot and didn't focus on my own health, which in turn meant that I struggled with managing my weight…. I was really unhappy and it was time to take control, so I ditched my usual mantra of 'diet starts Monday' and started doing things to help me feel good. I realised, when I felt good, nutrition and activity seemed to fit in to my life a lot more easily AND that feeling this way wasn't just a moment in time where life stops. Instead I had created realistic steps and a bunch of different habits that enabled me to enjoy a balanced lifestyle that can now be maintained throughout my life.

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And now...

I now know more about my body and feel good which has been such a support as I move into Perimenopause. My body is changing, as is my mind! Even just knowing why these changes are occurring, and that I am not alone is a huge strength to have. Continuing to look after myself, keep active and eat well makes the symptoms easier to deal with, This is the message I want to share with you through My Happy Balance.

In other news I enjoy strength training (of course!), open water swimming and taking part in triathlons (non competitive), I love to try new things, reading, walking and hanging out with friends & family.

Looking forward to meeting you soon

Vicky x

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