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Strength & Fitness Training

Purpose build gym space all to yourself (and me!)

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The My Happy Balance Gym

  • One to one strength & fitness training

  • Individual progressive programs based on your current level

  • Adaptable to how you are feeling each workout

  • Focussing on YOU, what YOU enjoy whilst being challenging and fun

Your sessions

Each session is fit to you, using an array of equipment including weights, bands, body weight and cardio equipment. With an indoor & outdoor experience (dependant on the Manchester weather of course!) 

  • Sessions can be taken weekly, biweekly or monthly and paid for on a monthly basis

  • Prices vary on frequency of sessions

  • There are no tie ins

  • Payments are made on a monthly basis (in advance)

  • There's also an option to do a hybrid of face to face and online

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Why strength training?

  • supports our HEALTH

  • enables us gain STRENGTH

  • helps to increase CONFIDENCE

  • slows the decline of BONE DENSITY*


  • helps us to feel more ENERGISED, MOTIVATED & CONFIDENT

  • reduces the risk of FALLS and INJURY, especially in later life

  • enables us to gain MUSCLE

* bone density decreases from the age of 30 and significantly more as we go through Peri/Menopause

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