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MHB Nutrition & Wellness
-90 day program -

The My Happy Balance program has been designed to focus on the goodness you can include in your life to feel healthier & more energised

Does it feel like the time to embrace any of the following?...

  • Take back control?

It's time to focus on YOU

  • Feel more energised?

By listening to YOUR body, knowing what it needs at different times of the month or phase of life

  • Become healthier & Happier?

In the now and long-term. Feeling good by supporting symptoms and reducing inflammation and the risk of illness

  • Learn more about YOU & YOUR body?

Do you want to figure out why you might feel tired, unmotivated to exercise, hungry often and generally things are starting to change. What does Perimenopause mean? What are the symptoms?

  • Manage your weight?

More easily, without restriction and learning to balance blood sugar


How the Program works...

With a mixture of one to one sessions through Zoom and interactive tools the MHB Nutrition & Wellbeing program is dependant on YOU and YOUR lifestyle. The program fits to you & your needs, rather than you fitting to the program

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We are in this together

I support you with ideas and tools you need...You take the steps that suit you and your goals

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Overcoming barriers & adapting habits

Taking gradual steps for a happier and healthier future

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Balancing nutrition to support YOUR body, lifestyle & goals

There are no fixed meal plans

Firstly we asses where you're at and where you want to be and then through weekly one to one coaching sessions, regular topic based emails and a library of supportive resources, you'll gain the knowledge and tools you need to effectively approach your own health, happiness and weight management that can be maintained way beyond the 90 days. You'll also be able to contact me outside of these times for any additional support or questions.

The pursuit of feeling good whether that's through being more active, managing stress or adding good nutritious foods to your diet, needs to suit your lifestyle but will require some changes from you.

You'll be encouraged to take small manageable steps towards your goals, making the process easier by finding a balance that suits you and overcoming barriers you face, for an enjoyable, successful and above all realistic journey way beyond the 90 days.

We explore the foods you enjoy, what additional foods can be included in your diet to maximise health, energy levels (even at different times of the month or phase of life) and weight management. You eat what you want to eat for the goals you have and before you know it you'll have a bank of go to meals and snacks that work for you. For more inspiration there'll also be access to food ideas and recipes throughout

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We discover ways to become more active & energised

by finding the time and fitting in with your day

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It's not just about nutrition & exercise

There are other factors that influence our health, wellbeing and weight management

You'll learn how to listen to your body to get the most out of exercise, whilst ensuring not to push yourself too hard. Pressures at work, illness and even certain points in your menstrual cycle (amongst others) could be sapping your energy levels. |Noticing these things and giving yourself a break is just as important.

This isn't just about exercise, in fact, activity outside of exercise contributes hugely to feeling good and managing weight as well as improving our health and well-being.

In fact it's often other key factors that are the foundation to our health and feeling good such as; the importance of getting good quality sleep, managing stress and understanding our body. Looking after these areas will have a positive affect on our approach to nutrition and activity.

Forest Path

You are the key to your health & happiness...

We are all so different

What works for you may not for someone else


Our lifestyle, commitments, likes, dislikes and the way our bodies work and react to food, are all unique. 

My Happy Balance understands that when it comes to health and happiness, a one size fits all isn't the right approach. Whether we are in our reproductive, perimenopausal or post menopausal phases of life the focus needs to be on ourselves, giving our body the support it needs to keep us healthy and feeling good.

We work together to establish the best way to achieve your goals, fitting you and your lifestyle

This program focuses on building foundations around stress management, sleep, activity, nutrition, gut health, understanding the menstrual cycle and different phases of life women go through to support long term health, happiness and weight management.

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