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Online Strength & Fitness Training

keeping the benefits of a personal progressive program with one to one feedback

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My Happy Balance Online

Not everyone has time for face to face training which makes this such a great offering.

You get to workout in your own time, at your own pace whilst using the equipment you have (or bodyweight exercises) with all the benefit of a full progressive program tailored to YOU

The App

  • You receive your workouts through the App

  • The workouts are tailored to you, are progressive and adaptable

  • They fit to the equipment you have (this can be minimal, bodyweight provides us with challenging & progressive workouts)

  • You can work out anywhere; your home, the gym, the great outdoors, the choice is yours

  • You can workout at any time of the day, any day(s) of the week

  • You have access to videos for each exercise to guide you and support your technique

  • We communicate through the app

  • You give me feedback on your workout

  • I support you with your technique and progress through regular feedback via messages or video & monthly One to One Zoom catch ups


Indoor Stretch

How it works...

Each workout is fit to you and the equipment you have access to

  • You chose the number of workouts you would like to do within a week

  • Prices vary dependant on the number of sessions you chose

  • You'll be sent your own login and password to the App

  • You can use the App on your phone, tablet or laptop

  • There are no tie ins

  • Payments are made on a monthly basis (in advance)

  • There's also an option to do a hybrid of face to face and online

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