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Empowering women to feel

energised, healthy, strong & confident through

strength, fitness, nutrition & wellness coaching

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Who are we?

My Happy Balance is passionate about women's health

We offer strength & fitness training and nutrition & wellness coaching, to improve energy, confidence, strength & the health of each MHB client

Focusing on women, particularly in the times of life that can bring big challenges and changes, including;

Pre & Post Natal - Peri - Meno & Post Menopause

By supporting our bodies through these times and the symptoms we experience, we can aim to enter each new phase of life, with more knowledge, feeling empowered, strong and confident

So what do we do at MHB?

My Happy Balance is run by me, Vicky; 

Founder, Strength & Fitness Trainer & Nutrition Coach, specialising in women's health and performance

What we have to offer:

  • One to one Strength & Fitness training for women at my personal gym based in Manchester

  • Online one to one Strength & Fitness training anywhere in the world

  • A hybrid of in Person & Online Training

  • 90 day Nutrition & Wellness Program

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We all experience different challenges and lead different lifestyles. There are no 2 women the same. It's therefore my priority to offer you a tailored service that works with YOU & for YOU


Strength & Fitness Training
- Face to Face -

Providing progressive and fun training that suits you, working at your current level to increase fitness and strength.

Working with female clients, I'm also trained in Pre & Post Natal exercise as well as having an additional focus on clients that are perimenopausal or post menopausal.

I work from my purpose built one to one  gym, therefore the space is all yours for each of your sessions!

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Strength & Fitness Training
- Online -

Adaptable training built for you, to do at your own pace on the days that suit you. 

Online training works through an app which is super easy to use, giving you daily workouts with videos of each exercise to help you with technique.

The app is interactive giving you the space to feedback and for us to discuss your workouts each day


MHB Nutrition & Wellness
- 90 day program -

The MHB program focusses on YOU, enabling YOU to take control of your health and happiness,

Through one to one Zoom sessions and online supportive tools, we build foundations around your nutrition, activity, sleep, gut health, stress management, menstrual cycle, perimenopause &  post menopause, in order to support long term health, happiness and weight management.


- Strength, Fitness & Nutrition

Client -

"I found working with Vicky such a useful experience both from a physical health perspective as well as from a mindset/making healthier choices angle too...I would highly recommend My Happy Balance for anyone wanting to have a healthier, happier relationship with exercise and nutrition."


- Face to Face & Online Strength & Fitness Client -

"After having my baby girl I wanted to get back into fitness to build up my strength and also take care of myself... MHB was the perfect way to get back into it and everything was taken at the right pace for me. The sessions are different each week which makes it interesting and every week I can see the progress I am making..."


- Online Strength & Fitness Client -

"As an older woman, I am keen to maintain my flexibility, strength & stamina. Vicky keeps my workouts fun and varied which means I continue to feel challenged and inspired to keep exercising"


- Nutrition & Wellness Client -

" I would certainly recommend Vicky's services to anyone looking for a supportive, knowledgeable and thoroughly lovely coach to help you through the process of instigating lasting, personal change"

Lovely words from some of our fabulous
My Happy Balance members...

Leave us a message and we'll get back to you.

Thanks for getting in touch!

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